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After suffering a horseback riding accident, I was left with severe pain in my back and was tired of pills. My doctor suggested I try an alternative medicine and I decided on medical marijuana. I applied on this site was pre-approved online and they even helped get my appointment set up. They made the whole process very simple and easy. The Augusta marijuana clinic was very accommodating and professional.

I have always been against smoking anything, so I have never been attracted to marijuana. Until a few months ago, I never knew that there were other ways to use marijuana. My friend gave me a marijuana candy, and gave me great pain relief without smoking anything. I’ve really enjoyed the euphoric feeling and relaxed state. Not only are the candies great, but the pain lotion works well on my joints. I’m glad to see that this is becoming a real medicine and a credible option.

I have been a closet marijuana user for over ten years, and it has been the only thing that helps my pain and muscle spasms. I work in academia, so I am very discreet about my use. I finally decided that it would be worth getting a medical marijuana card, and I feel much less guilty about using it. I obviously don’t go around broadcasting it to everyone because it’s not their business, but I have no problem telling my close friends. I was surprised that many of them supported it and didn’t have a problem with it at all.

I had been going through chemo therapy treatments for skin cancer and I was not getting good results from the traditional medicine. So I applied and was pre-approved for my Maine medical marijuana card right here on this site. I now have my card and would suggest that anyone looking for a medical marijuana doctor in Maine apply on this site!

I was very interested in using medical marijuana to treat my glaucoma but was unsure of where to start. So I started online and thankfully found this site, what a great resource. They had all the info about what symptoms qualified and even had a place for me to apply to get pre-approved online! After being pre-approved through my online application I was scheduled to go visit the Augusta clinic. Once at the clinic, I was greeted with such care and compassion I felt at home. The staff was very professional and knowledgeable. If you would like to get your card, I recommend this as a place to start!

I was looking for a local marijuana clinic so I could be seen about my ALS. I found this site which allowed me to apply online and help set up my appointment. Because this site made it so easy and was there for me every step of the way, I now have my disease under control and live a much better quality of life. Try it for yourself.

I’m not sure exactly when it started, but I have had IBS for as long as I can remember. When I was a teenager, I was drawn towards marijuana for recreational use, but quickly realized that it also helped my stomach. Now after using it for many years illegally, I finally have a medical card and can get the medicine I need when I need it. It is a pretty amazing plant and I couldn’t live without it.

I was very concerned for my privacy when my physician suggested that I try medical marijuana to treat my glaucoma symptoms. But after talking with some friends and reviewing this site, I discovered how hard the people here work to make it very discrete and were extremely professional with all my personal information. I was able to apply online and be pre-approved without even having to go in! Setting up my appointment was just as easy. I sigh a sigh of relief as I write this because this process could have been a disaster had I not found this site where they really do care about their patients. Thank you so much for all your help!

You guys were great! I am really happy that I found you online and went to your clinic. The whole process was much easier than I thought, and your staff was very helpful. I would definitely recommend your clinic to anyone. Please tell the doctor I said thank you and have fun on his vacation next week. Until next time, best!

Being that my father had problems with Alzheimer’s, I looked for a resource to get in touch with a medical marijuana clinic near Bangor. This site helped me find a marijuana doctor that I could take my father to see. It was so great being able to apply online and get pre-approved right from home, as my father does not travel well with his condition. We got his appointment set up right away and now my father uses marijuana medicinally. This site was very helpful and I would recommend it to all.

Getting my medical marijuana card has really helped me in this stage of my life. I must say that getting older has been hard for me because I’ve always been so active. I was a carpenter for many years and was diagnosed with carpal tunnel a few years back. It slowly progressed and got worse and worse to where my wrists what hurt so badly that I couldn’t do anything. I am still not quite as fearless as I was before but I am much better. I use the medicated pain salve and it helps a lot. Getting old is a B*&^#, but you can’t give up.

I was in an accident while hiking and was left with lingering chronic pain in my leg from a serious break. I applied for my card on this site and was helped from start to finish through the entire process of getting my Maine medical marijuana card. I am now back to hiking and have my chronic pain under control. For anyone thinking about trying medical marijuana, I would definitely recommend this site.

I had always heard about how marijuana has medicinal uses but never imagined myself using it and benefiting from it. Unfortunately I was in a bicycling accident that left me with chronic neck and back pain. When I decided to give it a try, I had no idea how to get my medical marijuana card. Well, I went online and this site had plenty of information on how to go about getting approved for my card. Once I was pre-approved, they helped get my appointment set up and now, because of them, I have my medical marijuana card!

Thank you very much for your prompt service and professionalism. When I first used your website, I learned so much and felt much better about my decision. Unfortunately, there still is that negative stigma with marijuana use, but I feel better and better about it every day. I am glad to be on this side of history and to be making the future better for my kids.

When my sister had cancer, I saw how much medical marijuana helped her through her treatment. For a while, she was losing a ton of weight and couldn’t eat anything. When my uncle gave her some medical marijuana, she really turned the corner and became more hopeful for the future. Luckily for me, I have learned a lot from her experience and will complete my treatment shortly. Thanks for everything that you do, and hopefully I won’t need to see you next year.

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