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If you'd like to obtain a Medical Marijuana Card in Auburn Maine, we would like to help. Simply complete the online application and visit our physician.

  • Accepts Credit Cards
  • Veterans Discount (10% with proof of service)
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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How much does it cost?


Clinic Fee - $195

MMMP Fee - $0

How long does it take?

Same Day

This means that once you leave your appointment, you will receive a signed certificate allowing you to medicate that same day.

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How do I qualify?

MMMP Says:
  • You have to be diagnosed with a qualifying condition
  • You must be a Maine resident with a proof of residency

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See What Our Patients in Auburn Are Saying

I have always been against smoking anything, so I have never been attracted to marijuana. Until a few months ago, I never knew that there were other ways to use marijuana. My friend gave me a marijuana candy, and gave me great pain relief without smoking anything. I’ve really enjoyed the euphoric feeling and relaxed state. Not only are the candies great, but the pain lotion works well on my joints. I’m glad to see that this is becoming a real medicine and a credible option.

New Gloucester, ME

You guys were great! I am really happy that I found you online and went to your clinic. The whole process was much easier than I thought, and your staff was very helpful. I would definitely recommend your clinic to anyone. Please tell the doctor I said thank you and have fun on his vacation next week. Until next time, best!

Lewiston, ME

I have been a closet marijuana user for over ten years, and it has been the only thing that helps my pain and muscle spasms. I work in academia, so I am very discreet about my use. I finally decided that it would be worth getting a medical marijuana card, and I feel much less guilty about using it. I obviously don’t go around broadcasting it to everyone because it’s not their business, but I have no problem telling my close friends. I was surprised that many of them supported it and didn’t have a problem with it at all.

Multiple Sclerosis
Poland, ME

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